Residence abroad


Spend a year in an Arab Speaking Country  

You will spend your second year in an Arab speaking country.

It's a fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture and when you're not in your intensive language classes there will be plenty of time to travel and explore the region. For many of our students it's the highlight of their course.

The Year Abroad is designed to introduce learners to an Arabic and Islamic culture, while strengthening their language skills both in terms of greater literacy and in the vernacular Arabic of the country of study.

Host institution

Our chosen institutions have been carefully selected for their high quality methods of teaching and success in running TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language) courses. Students are provided with the essential skills needed to communicate in Arabic effectively and clearly. There is constant liaison between the institutions and the University of Leeds and these language skills will be built on and taken further in the third and fourth years of the degree. Importantly, the curriculum you will study on your year abroad is designed in-house and classes will be taught exclusively for Leeds University Arabic studies students. 

Where you will stay

Accommodation is either with a host family or in specially provided student accommodation. Host institutions take the welfare of students very seriously and there will always be someone to offer help and guidance. There are many opportunities to travel, either within the country or further into other Arab countries during the vacation period.

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