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A-Z of all current Faculty of Arts courses

'School of English' UG courses for the 2018/19 academic year.

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Single honours

BA English Language and Literature UG - Q300
BA English Literature UG - Q306
BA English Literature and Theatre Studies UG - QW34
BA English Literature with Creative Writing UG - Q3W8

Joint honours

BA Ancient History and English UG - V130
BA Arabic and English UG - QT36
BA Chinese and English UG - QT31
BA Classical Civilisation and English UG - QQ83
BA Classical Literature and English UG - QQ38
BA English and Comparative Literature UG - Q200
BA English and Film Studies UG - 6T3X
BA English and French UG - QR31
BA English and German UG - QR32
BA English and History UG - QV31
BA English and History of Art UG - QV33
BA English and Italian A UG - QR33
BA English and Italian B UG - QRH3
BA English and Japanese UG - QT32
BA English and Music UG - QW33
BA English and Philosophy UG - QV35
BA English and Portuguese UG - QR35
BA English and Russian A UG - QR37
BA English and Russian B UG - QRH7
BA English and Russian Civilisation UG - RQ73
BA English and Social Policy UG - QL34
BA English and Sociology UG - QL33
BA English and Spanish UG - QR34
BA English and Thai Studies UG - QT33
BA English and Theology and Religious Studies UG - QV36
BA English Language and Linguistics UG - Q3Q1
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