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Undergraduate 2018/19

Single honours

BA History UG - V100
BA International History and Politics UG - VL22

Joint honours

BA Ancient History and English UG - V130
BA Ancient History and History UG - V110
BA Ancient History and History and Philosophy of Science UG - V155
BA Ancient History and Philosophy UG - V150
BA Ancient History and Theology and Religious Studies UG - V160
BA Asia Pacific Studies and History UG - TV31
BA Chinese and History UG - TV11
BA Classical Civilisation and History UG - Q810
BA Classical Literature and History UG - QV81
BA Economics and History UG - VL11
BA English and History UG - QV31
BA French and History UG - RV11
BA Geography and History UG - VL17
BA German and History UG - RV21
BA History and History and Philosophy of Science UG - VV15
BA History and History of Art UG - VVC3
BA History and Italian A UG - RV31
BA History and Italian B UG - RVH1
BA History and Music UG - VW13
BA History and Philosophy UG - VVC5
BA History and Portuguese UG - RV51
BA History and Russian A UG - RV71
BA History and Russian B UG - RVT1
BA History and Russian Civilisation UG - RVR1
BA History and Social Policy UG - VL14
BA History and Sociology UG - VL13
BA History and Spanish UG - RV41
BA History and Thai Studies UG - VT1H
BA History and Theology and Religious Studies UG - VV16
BA Liberal Arts UG - Y000
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Taught Postgraduate 2018/19

MA History of Health, Medicine and Society PGT
MA in Social and Cultural History PGT
MA Medieval History PGT
MA Medieval Studies PGT
MA Modern History PGT
MA Race and Resistance PGT
MA War and Strategy PGT
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Research Postgraduate 2018/19

PhD in History PGR
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