Discourse and Influence - Ancient Philosophy and Leadership Ethics

A workshop on the use of speech and dialogue to influence others, bringing Ancient Philosophy discussions of dialogue and rhetoric into interaction with Contemporary Leadership Ethics

Discourse and Influence - Ancient Philos

Date: 18-09-2014 until 20-09-2014
Time: 14:00 - 14:00


Dr. Sophie Aubert-Baillot, Universite Stendhal Grenoble
Open hand, closed fist : the continuum between Stoic dialectic and rhetoric

Prof. Joanne Ciulla, University of Richmond / Jepson School of Leadership Studies
Listening to the Ancients While Looking at the Present: The Enduring Ideas About Leaders and Ethics

Prof. Jackie Ford, Leeds University Business School
Discourse and Influence programme

Prof. M.M. McCabe, Kings College London
Conversation, Dissent and the Hemlock


Dr. Ian McCready-Flora, Columbia University
The Convincing Animal: Speech and Reason in Aristotle 

Dr. Doris Schedlitzki, University of the West of England
The Holy Grail of Leadership: Changing Narratives in the Workplace

Prof. Dominic Scott, University of Virginia / University of Kent
Plato Versus Aristotle on Philosophical Method: Lessons for (university) Leaders

Dr. Rapahel Woolf, King's College London
Cicero on Rhetoric and Dialectic

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Location: Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied Centre, University of Leeds
Cost: £80