Small Press Printing/Printing at Leeds

An event exploring small-press publication and and printing at Leeds, hosted by Centre-CHoP

Date: 09-10-2015
Time: 12:00 - 17:00

This symposium celebrates small press printing and publishing.  Focusing on poetry, it explores the legacy of small press production and sets out some of the relationships between printing technology and poetic form.  It considers the place of small press printing in the digital age, asking what techniques such as hand composition can teach us today.


The print room in the School of English contains paper-making facilities, four hand presses, a full compositing room, and a bindery.  The origins of this facility date back to 1963, when the equipment was acquired by the School to teach bibliography.  Initially set up in the University gym, the presses were used to produce the Northern House pamphlets, which, along with the School’s other publications, Stand and Poetry and Audience, has published many leading poets over the past fifty years.  John Barnard, John Glover, Elaine Glover, and John Whale (all Leeds) look back on the history of the print room and its use in the School; Fiona Becket (Leeds) will discuss the links between form and technology more broadly; and Luke Allan (Sine Wave Peak), Brian Lewis (Longbarrow Press), and Helen Mort (Leeds) consider small press printing and publishing today.


The event takes place in the Brotherton Room, Special Collections, Brotherton Library, from 1-5pm (lunch is provided from 12pm).  Registration is free and open to all.  Please email Jim Mussell <> if you would like to attend.


Location: Brotherton Room, Brotherton Library
Cost: Free