Special Collections Skills Drop-Ins

The School of History will be running a series of skills drop-in sessions for students during Semester 2, in collaboration with Special Collections in the Brotherton Library.

Date: 21-03-2017
Time: 13:00 - 16:00

The sessions will provide an excellent opportunity for students to raise any queries they have relating to primary source and archive skills in the run up to Semester 2 assessments.

In order to run these sessions most effectively, it would be fantastic if staff members from the school could support the drop-ins by offering to attend. This will ensure that we have a range of expertise on offer for students, to be able to give the best guidance possible. The sessions will be open to all students in the School of History and IMS.

We are running two sessions, dates and times below:

Wednesday 1st March (Week 6), 1-4pm. 

Tuesday 21st March (Week 9), 1-4pm. 

Both sessions will take place in the Special Collections search room.

If you can offer any time to either of these sessions, please get in touch with Charlotte Tomlinson (hy12ct@leeds.ac.uk). 

Location: Special Collections search room
Cost: Free