German History in the North Workshop

The annual workshop of historians of Germany based in the North of England and the Midlands.

Date: 19-05-2017
Time: 14:00 - 18:30

Location: To be confirmed
Cost: Free (but registration necessary)

Programme for the day

From 1.30 Arrival and Coffee

2.15-3.30 Panel 1

Chair: Ingrid Sharp

  • Jasper Heinzen (York), Spatial conflict and democracy in the Weimar Republic
  • Sabine Hanke (Sheffield), Making a Children’s World: the Wild West in Dresden’s Sarrasani Circus (1906-1945)
  • Corinne Painter (Leeds), Life under the Nazis: The German Jewish Community 1933-38

3.30-4.00 Coffee break

4.00-5.15 Panel 2

Chair: Holger Afflerbach

  • Victoria Stiles (Nottingham), English books in Nazi schools: Protecting learners against Englandschwärmerei
  • Sam Knapton (Newcastle), The Vicious Circle of Discontent: Polish DPs, Repatriation, and the British zone of occupation
  • Craig Griffiths (Manchester), ‘In the opinion of the editor, Germany is now the best place in Europe for a gay person to live’: International Tourism and the German Gay Scene in the 1970s

5.30-6.15 1918-2018: 100 years of the end of World War I (roundtable)

  • Ingrid Sharp (Leeds)
  • Matthew Stibbe (Sheffield)
  • Holger Afflerbach (Leeds)

Chair: Stephan Petzold

If you wish to attend, please email the workshop organisers: Ingrid Sharp, Stephan Petzold and Holger Afflerbach

Location: To be confirmed
Cost: Free (but registration necessary)