New Approaches to the North: A Colloquium in Memory of Gordon Forster

A colloquium to remember Gordon Forster, former Leeds academic and founder of Northern History.

Date: 29-09-2018

The Northern History journal is housed within the School of History, here at the University of Leeds and is a journal of academic research on the history of the northern counties of England. Its founder, Gordon Forster is a former member of academic staff in the School of History and was Head of School.

On 29th September 2018, we will be holding a colloquium in memory of Gordon Forster, showcasing current research on the history of the north with papers covering a wide range of topics from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century. Speakers include academic colleagues from the University of Leeds as well as from the University of Reading, University of York and University of Leicester.

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Location: University of Leeds
Cost: £10 (waged) and £5 (unwaged/student)