Postgraduate FAQs

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Where can I find information on English MA programmes?

Where can I find information on tuition fees and funding opportunities?

I want to apply for an MA programme to start in September 2017, when can I submit my application?

How long will I have to wait for a decision on my application?

What am I required to supply with my application?

What is needed when you are asking for the degree transcripts and certificate?

Can you update me on the progress of my application?

I would like to visit the School, when are the Postgraduate Open Days?

Can I study part-time?

When does the course start and finish? Can I choose a different start date?

I completed my degree outside the UK. How can I check if my qualifications meet the entry requirements?

What are the English language requirements for English MA programmes?

I haven’t met the English Language requirements. Can you still consider my application?

Can I take a pre-sessional English course?


The Language Centre at the University of Leeds runs a variety of pre-sessional English courses over the summer to prepare students for postgraduate study. If you have taken an English language test such as IELTS and your scores do not quite meet our requirements, it may be possible for us to make you an offer conditional on attendance at a pre-sessional (as an alternative to retaking the IELTS). This is only possible if you have already taken an IELTS test (or equivalent test) and your current scores are within a certain distance of our requirements. You must submit a complete application for postgraduate study first and all decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Why was my application rejected? Can I have some feedback?

Can you reconsider my application?

Can I see a teaching timetable for my chosen programme? How many hours of teaching per week will my programme involve?

Do you have Distance Learning/Online courses?

Where can I find out about accommodation in Leeds?