Ferrante Fever in Leeds

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Ferrante Fever in Leeds

Public literary event on the global success of the Neapolitan writer Elena Ferrante

13 October 2016, 7.00pm-8:30pm

Conference Auditorium 2, University of Leeds (Clarendon Way, Leeds LS2 9JT) Map and Directions

Elena Ferrante’s bestselling Neapolitan Quartet has become a worldwide phenomenon, published in 39 countries, but its Italian author remains anonymous. This evening a distinguished international panel discuss Ferrante’s work and its impact. Ann Goldstein, Ferrante’s acclaimed translator; Daniela Petracco, director of Europa Editions, UK; Ferrante’s UK publisher; Thea Lenarduzzi, Times Literary Supplement commissioning editor and author of the blog ‘Ferrante Fever’ and Tiziana de Rogatis, Associate Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature at the Università per Stranieri di Siena, author of articles on Ferrante and her global success. The evening ends with a Q&A discussion with the audience.

Event organised by University of Leeds (Italian, LivItaly, International Writers at Leeds, the Centre for World Literatures and the Centre for Translation Studies of the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies) in conjunction with Ilkley Literature Festival; Leeds City Council; Italian Cultural Institute of London; The Times Literary Supplement; and The Italianist. Funded by: University of Leeds (SRDF, School of Languages Cultures and Societies) and Leeds Inspire.

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Ferrante Fever in Leeds
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  1. Events
  2. Sardinia at Twilight: talk, concert & film
  3. Film screening: Le cose belle + director Q&A
  4. Understanding 'Made in Italy'. The Genealogy of a Global Brand
  5. Made in Italy: New Perspectives on Creativity and Culture in the Global Market
  6. The Sound of Genoa: contemporary band 'Palconudo' in Talk and Concert
  7. Italian Night at Lento: 'Quei due' in concert
  8. Italy, Leeds and Global Society. A talk with noir writer Massimo Carlotto
  9. Retelling the Italian noir: Gianrico Carofiglio, with François von Hurter (BitterLemon Press) and Howard Curtis (translator) in conversation with Gigliola Sulis
  10. Vinicio Capossela in Stories from Sailors, Prophets and Whales
  11. Love, Death and Damnation: the language of Italian Opera
  12. Reports and reviews of Capossela's event
  13. Reviews of Sardinia at Twilight
  14. Reviews of Le cose belle/The beautiful thing
  15. Ferrante Fever in Leeds
  16. The Language of Craftsmanship: the Case of Florentine Artisans