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Classics is the study of all aspects of the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome - not just the history and literature, but diverse subjects such as religion, philosophy, mythology, art and architecture, and the reception of the classical world in modern times.

You can study:

BA Classical Civilisation which will teach you about the foundations of western civilisation, giving you insight into all kinds of issues of relevance today, from democracy to the Olympic Games. The course includes general overviews of Greek and Roman history and culture, and a particular focus on Homer's Iliad and Virgil's Aeneid, as the key texts for understanding the classical world. But a wide variety of other options are on offer, and you are given the opportunity to select among them.

Or you can choose from a number of joint honours courses which combine either:

Classical Civilisation
Classical Literature or
Ancient History
with a modern language, humanities, history or English.

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