Members of project staff compiled a set of Research Resources for Nineteenth-Century Studies, intended initially for the use of students in the University of Leeds, which continue to be updated as often as possible and are useful for students and scholars alike. Any suggestions or corrections would be appreciated. Particularly valuable resources are marked with asterisks.

  • General Reference includes encyclopaedias, dictionaries, and companions.
  • Places includes maps, local history resources, and architectural history.
  • Events includes sources for identifying news events and general chronology.
  • People includes biographical dictionaries, directories, and genealogical sources.
  • Publications includes bibliographical databases, library catalogues, publishers' lists, digital texts, subject bibliographies, and lists of theses.
  • Finding Things includes finding aids for libraries, archives, institutions, and societies.
  • Finding Contacts includes finding aids for departments, people, mailgroups, and websites.