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CRPL seminar with Professor Mika Vähäkangas

Professor Mika Vähäkangas (Lund University, Sweden) will present his research on “Nkamba as the Location of Anti-Colonial Reconciliation: The Kimbanguist Holy City”. Starts at 1:00 pm.

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Relaunch of the Religion in Public blog

The Centre for Religion and Public Life has relaunched its Religion in Public blog, which serves as a platform for showcasing the research being undertaken by CRPL staff, students and partners.

Understanding Sikh activism in Britain

Research sparked by media reports citing Sikh “radicalisation” in Britain has found little evidence of the country's Sikhs being radicalised to join international terrorist groups.

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Staff profile

Caroline Fielder

Religion in contemporary China, especially faith based organisations; civil society; charity and philanthropy; volunteering; citizenship education

Student profile

Philip Drake

Living the boundaries: an exploration of the impact of ecclesiological, cultural and personal boundaries on church mission and ministry