English Language Discovery modules

English Language Modules for Undergraduates

The English Language section of the Language Centre provides the following credit-bearing modules for undergraduate international students. They are also available to international students who are not able to enrol on full undergraduate degrees (i.e. Erasmus/Socrates and Junior Year Abroad students).

Please note: these modules are only available to students who have not previously studied in an English-speaking country. You will need to take an English Language test before the course starts to ensure that you are at the right level for the course; details of test dates and times can be found below. 

These modules run from Tuesday to Thursday inclusive. Attendance is required on all three sessions every week. 

English Language Modules

View all of the English Language modules available in the module catalogue, or see below for further information.

English for Communication: ELU 1002 (Semester 1: 20 credits) and English for Communication: ELU 1003 (Semester 2: 20 credits)

These modules explore the use of English in modern life through the development of practical language skills in everyday interaction with the local community. Students must be of intermediate level, and can choose one of these modules per semester, not both. Click on the links above or download the flyer for further information.

English for Academic Study: ELU 2002 (Semester 1: 20 credits) and English for Academic Study: ELU 2003 (Semester 2: 20 credits)

These modules are designed for international students with an upper-intermediate level of English wishing to improve their English Language and academic study skills. Students can choose one of these modules per semester, not both. Click on the links above or download the flyer for further information.

Pre-enrolment Test

Students must take an online test before they can be enrolled on either module. Until students have taken the test, they will only be temporarily enrolled.

The purpose of this test is to ensure students are enrolled on a module which will benefit their English language skills. Very occasionally, the test result may indicate that neither module is appropriate for the student. There is no need to prepare for the test as it is designed to test your “day-to-day” English ability.

Test dates

The test dates, times and location for Semester 2 2018 are:

Friday 19 January 2018, 09:00 - 11:00, Cohen A and B Cluster (1.40)

Friday 19 January 2018, 15:00 - 17:00, Cohen A and B Cluster (1.40)

For directions to the Cohen A and B Cluster, please see the following link: https://it.leeds.ac.uk/info/76/clusters/506/cohen.

Following the test, students will be informed by email as to whether or not they have been fully enrolled on either module and to confirm details of the class times and rooms.

Students temporarily enrolled on the ELU1003/2003 modules in Semester 2 will receive an email in January regarding the tests. If you would like to be temporarily enrolled on either of these modules, please email langc@leeds.ac.uk and include your Student ID number.