Pre-arrival information

Your arrival

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You may find this page useful when planning for your first few days in Leeds. The International Student Office has further information on arrival in Leeds which you can find here.


Please find below checklists which you may like to use when you move in to your accommodation.

If you are moving into University accommodation

  1. Locate your University residence.
  2. Collect your keys from the reception.
  3. Complete an inventory to record the condition of your room.
For more information visit the accommodation website, email or phone 0113 343 7777.

If you are moving into private accommodation

  1. Collect your keys.
  2. Check thoroughly and take photos of the property (including wear and tear) so you have proof of condition as you take over the occupancy.
  3. Inform the landlord straight away if there are any problems or anything you are concerned about. This includes missing or damaged items.


It may take a few days for you to
open a bank account in the UK. Please think about using an alternative to cash such as a credit card while you are waiting to open a bank account. It is not a good idea to carry large sums of money around with you.

Register with the police

You may need to register with the police, depending on where you've come from and how long you'll be here. More information about who needs to register with the police can be found on the International Student Office website.

Register with a doctor

Many students choose to register with the Leeds Student Medical Practice located near the University campus. You can also find a list of other local doctors on the NHS Choices website.

To register you will need to take the following documents:

  • Proof of your identity (eg. passport, driving licence etc).
  • Proof of your student status (eg. student card).
  • Proof of your Leeds address (eg. accommodation contract).

Your first day at the Language Centre

Image of students and social assistants on Parkinson steps

It is very important that you attend the first day of the course as you will receive important information about your course and the University. You will receive information about the Language Centre induction and welcome events on your first day – make sure you attend as this is an opportunity to meet students and staff and get an introduction to your course.

Details about what time and which room to come to on your first day will be sent via email so please check your email inbox regularly. If you have any problems attending the first day of your course please contact us immediately with your expected arrival date

Register as a student

If you have not already registered, Language Centre staff will help you to complete the registration process once you arrive. You must register online, and then collect your student card to complete registration during your first week at the Language Centre.

Your first few days 

Some useful things to do when you first arrive include visiting Leeds University Union, which offers a range of services, shops and activities. You can look at the Portal (click 'get your username and password' and follow the instructions) which will be your online route to everything while at Leeds, and complete the online IT and library induction courses. If you haven't already, you can also download the UniLeeds app which you may find useful. 

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