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Community Religions Project Monographs

  • Satwant Kaur Rait, Sikh Women in England - order from this site for a special price of £16.00 inc P&P
  • Kim Knott, Hinduism in Leeds: A study of religious practice in the Indian Hindu community and in Hindu related groups. 1986. ISBN 1 871363 004. 334 pp.
  • Stephen Barton, The Bengali Muslims in Bradford: A study of their observance of Islam with reference to the function of the mosque and the work of the Imam.1986. ISBN 1 871363 012. 244 pp. [out of print]
  • David Bowen, The Sathya Sai Baba Community in Bradford: Its origins and development, religious beliefs and practices. 1988. ISBN 1 871363 020. 411 pp.
  • Sewa Singh Kalsi, The Evolution of a Sikh Community in Britain: Religious and social change among the Sikhs of Leeds and Bradford. 1992. ISBN 1 871363 039. 226 pp.
  • Helen Waterhouse, Buddhism in Bath: Authority and Adaptation 1997. ISBN 1 871363 05 5. 251 pp.
  • Eleanor Nesbitt, The Religious Lives of Sikh Children: A Coventry-based study. 2000 ISBN 1 871363 07 1
  • Sissel Ostberg, The Nurture of Pakistani Muslim Children in Oslo. 2003
  • Kim Knott, Alistair Mason, Kevin Ward, Haddon Willmer (eds.), Religion and Locality: Selected conference papers. 2003.

Cost of monographs, including postage and packing:

Europe: £14
International: £16

Community Religions Project Research papers

  • Kim Knott, 'Community Religions' at the University of Leeds. (1984)
  • Ursula King, A report on Hinduism in Britain. (1984)
  • Kim Knott, Religion and identity and the study of ethnic minority religions. (1984)
  • Vanessa Howard, A report on Afro-Caribbean Christianity in Britain. (1987)
  • Joanna Marzec, The role of the Polish Catholic church in the Polish community of the U.K: a study in ethnic identity and religion. (1988)
  • Katherine Kotsoni, The Greek Orthodox community in Leeds. (1990)
  • Kim Knott , The role of religious studies in understanding the ethnic experience. (1992)
  • Judith Law, The religious beliefs and practices of Hindus in Derby. (1991)
  • Judith Law, The religious beliefs and practices of the Vietnamese community in Britain. (1991)
  • Ron Geaves, Muslims in Leeds. (1995)
  • Kim Knott, The changing character of the religions of the ethnic minorities of Asian origin in Britain: final report of a Leverhulme Project. (1992)
  • Philip Lewis, The function, education and influence of the 'Ulama in Bradford's Muslim communities. (1996)
  • Helen Reid, Multi-Faith Cities: A case study of Bradford. (1999)


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