Sexuality, Gender and Global Faith Networks

Gender, Sexuality and Global Faith Networks

Our research on religion, gender and sexuality has had an impact on changing both the form and the content of church discussions of sexuality, mainly but not only within the global Anglican Communion. This includes  'Sexuality and global faith networks: a social topography (AHRC/ESRC Large Research Grant, report available here). Specifically, Leeds research shaped the design and evaluation of the Anglican Communion’s “Continuing Indaba” (2008-) process. Leeds research has also informed the content of that debate, and in promoting understanding of under-recognised perspectives in wider debates on sexuality.

In addition to this, the research of Adriaan van Klinken focusses on contemporary world Christianity, religion in Africa, and religion, gender and sexuality and Emma Tomalin has published on religion, gender and development, and has carried out British Academy funded research on women's ordination in Thai Buddhism.