About our events

Research seminars 

The CRPL has a fortnightly seminar series where speakers from inside and outside the University of Leeds present current research on any aspect of religion that, in one way or another, intersects with public life in local, national or international contexts. The seminars are open to all with an academic interest in the study of religion and public life. For an up-to-date list of seminar speakers, please check this page.

Reading groups 

The CRPL further runs two reading groups for postgraduate students and staff members. The group Public/Religion is convened by Dr Adriaan van Klinken, and this year is reading selected chapters from the book Religion and the Global City, edited by David Garbin and Anna Strahn (London: Bloomsbury 2017). 

The group Public/Theology is convened by Dr Rachel Muers and reads selected texts at the intersections of theology and public life.