Advice for applicants

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We know that applying to university can be daunting, so here are some helpful tips to help you when writing your personal statement. If selection for your course involves an interview as well as a written application, you'll receive more advice and guidance from us closer to the time.

Be thorough

Read up on the content of your chosen course and use it to inform your application. Check your grammar, spelling and punctuation very carefully. If you're applying for any course which covers more than one subject area, whether single or joint honours, think about how those subjects interact with and complement each other. Your course will constantly draw connections between them, so your application should demonstrate your ability to do the same.

Be specific

Passion for your subject is crucial to studying at university level, and it's important that your application reflects this. But we're looking for specific detail about why the subject interests you: what is your favourite book or stage production? Why does it excite you? What are the major themes or devices used? Have you worked on any subject-related projects you especially enjoyed, and if so why? What did you take away from them? The more you can say about your chosen subject, and the extent of your engagement with it, the better.

Keep it simple 

It's important to stand out and show your creativity, but your personal statement should be written in a conventional style to show that you can produce writing of this type and standard. A full, detailed and well-written statement will stand out in all the right ways. Keep information about extra-curricular activities to a minimum unless they directly relate to your subject.