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If you have enjoyed two subjects equally at school/college, or would like to combine your favourite subject with a new area of study, then a joint honours course may be for you. We offer combinations with:
  • Philosophy
  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • Theology and Religious Studies

You will study the core topics in each subject, but are required to choose fewer options and discovery modules. This is to allow space in your timetable for both 'halves' of your degree.

The intellectual range of such a degree, together with the organisational skill in combining two subject areas makes you very attractive to employers. Our courses allow you to study your chosen subjects in depth, and to graduate with an honours degree covering two disciplines.

A selection of just a few of the options available to you are highlighted below. For the full list please see our University Coursefinder.

BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) 1LVO

This prestigious course provides you with the fundamentals of philosophy, politics and economics to equip you to analyse the social world in which we live, develop and defend your arguments from objections, and prepare you for a variety of careers.

BA History and Philosophy VVC5

A degree in history and philosophy at Leeds touches upon all areas of human activity and thought. You will gain in-depth understanding of British, European and world history while developing the skills of the philosopher, to reason well and to analyse conceptual problems.

BA English and Theology and Religious Studies QV36

This course explores literature in conjunction with religious ideas. You will spend time working closely with great literary texts, alongside the texts and traditions of the world’s religions. You will be introduced to the basic approaches and key concepts of each subject, you’ll also have the chance to take specialist modules that relate closely to the study of English.

BA French and Philosophy RV15

When combining philosophy with a modern language (Chinese, French, German, Italian Advanced, Italian Beginners, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian Advanced, Russian Beginners, Spanish, Thai) you are normally required to spend a full year abroad. This will usually be in your second year.

You may have considerable choice over how to spend your year abroad: it could be spent at a university, on a work placement or as a language assistant in a school. However, if you are studying a non-European language from scratch, you may not be able to do a work placement.

As well as the linguistic benefit, time spent abroad gaining work skills and local knowledge hugely increases your chances of finding paid employment.

BA History and Philosophy of Science and Politics VL5F

This degree reflects philosophically on the nature of science and its relation to other fields while granting you understanding of modern political systems and practices. You will analyse political problems relating to freedom, democracy and power while learning about the social, political and economic settings of scientific work through time. As you investigate the relationship between political and scientific spheres, you will develop advanced skills of presentation and communication.

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