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Editorial: Imogen Hoare

Hello and welcome to the new Joint Honours Newsletter!

The last couple of years have seen the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies (LCS) take big steps in developing their Joint Honours Programmes here at Leeds, while the number of students studying more than one subject continues to exceed the number of students studying Single Honours.

I sat down with Dr Ingo Cornils, the newly appointed Director of Joint Honours Programmes, to discuss these improvements, new additions, and exciting opportunities that are available to students of LCS. He says that it is becoming increasingly clear that Joint Honours should be seen more as integrated programmes and less as two separate subjects. There will be more focus on the idea that both subjects can be ‘concentrated’ but remain rich in content.

Perhaps the most significant change is the introduction of Cornerstone modules for Level One students, which are described as ‘intercultural modules’ aimed at gluing together the two halves of your degree in first year. These allow students to study a greater variety of texts and topics than before, along with different genres, approaches and periods, with the aim of encouraging first years to connect their two subjects in a more interesting way. The Cornerstone modules are tailored to suit your specific degree programme, so you don’t have to worry about taking one that is not relevant to your course, either.

When Ingo handed me a booklet outlining the vast range of programmes here at Leeds, I was impressed at the variety of courses on offer. After all, who knew that it offers International Business programmes with all languages? Leeds’ flexibility when it comes to degree combinations is apparent, and although myself and Ingo are aware of the obvious challenges of balancing more than one subject, we both agree that the benefits substantially outweigh the cons.

This year we have also had various events take place across the subjects that are a part of LCS, including those resulting from our continued partnership with Leeds City Library, where International Writers often hold talks to discuss their work. This February, two Japanese authors, Fuminori Nakamura and Soji Shimada, travelled over from Japan to Leeds City Library for an interesting discussion on their books.

In the rest of this newsletter, you will find my discussion with Dr Richard Hibbitt, Director of the Centre for World Literatures, who told me all about the new Joint Honours in Comparative Literature.

I also decided to include two different student profiles, one of a student studying two languages, and one of a student studying a language and a non-language. You will therefore find an interview with Helen Beckingham, a student in French and Italian who spent a term studying abroad in Bordeaux and a year teaching in Sicily, along with an interview with Tim Warneck, an Economics and French student who spent his year in central Paris working in an International Advertising Department.

By Imogen Hoare

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