How to apply - 2019 entry

If you apply to one of the following courses, please fill in the "Further Details" section of your UCAS application to tell us which language(s) you wan to study. You have to choose your language while applying not on arrival.

BA Languages and Cultures (R1R1)

Arabic and French ARAB&FREN

Arabic and German ARAB&GERM

Arabic and Italian A ARAB&ITA

Arabic and Spanish A ARAB&SPANA

Chinese and French CHIN&FREN

Chinese and German CHIN&GERM

Chinese and Italian A CHIN&ITA

Chinese and Spanish A CHIN&SPANA

French and German FREN&GERM

French and Italian A FREN&ITA

French and Italian B FREN&ITB

French and Japanese FREN&JAPN

French and Portuguese FREN&PORT

French and Russian A FREN&RUSA

French and Russian B FREN&RUSB 

French and Spanish A FREN&SPANA

French and Spanish B FREN&SPANB

German and Italian A GERM&ITA

German and Italian B GERM&ITB

German and Portuguese GERM&PORT

German and Russian A GERM&RUSA

German and Russian B GERM&RUSB

German and Spanish A GERM&SPANA

German and Spanish B GERM&SPANB

Italian A and Japanese ITA&JAPN

Italian A and Portuguese ITA&PORT

Italian A and Russian A ITA&RUSA

Italian A and Russian B ITA&RUSB

Italian A and Spanish A ITA&SPANA

Italian A and Spanish B ITA&SPANB

Italian B and Spanish A ITB&SPANA

Japanese and Spanish A JAPN&SPANA

Russian A and Spanish A RUSA&SPANA

Russian B and Spanish A RUSB&SPANA

BA Languages, Cultures and Business (N1R1)

Arabic and Business ARAB&BUS

Chinese and Business CHIN&BUS

French and Business FREN&BUS

German and Business GERM&BUS

Business and Italian A BUS&ITA

Business and Italian B BUS&ITB

Business and Japanese BUS&JAPN

Business and Portuguese BUS&PORT

Business and Russian A BUS&RUSA

Business and Russian B BUS&RUSB

Business and Spanish A BUS&SPANA

Business and Spanish B BUS&SPANB

Business and Thai Studies BUS&THAI

BA Languages, Cultures and Economics (L1R1)

Chinese and Economics CHIN&ECON

Economics and French ECON&FREN

Economics and German ECON&GERM

Economics and Italian A ECON&ITA

Economics and Italian B ECON&ITB

Economics and Japanese ECON&JAPN

Economics and Russian A ECON&RUSA

Economics and Russian B ECON&RUSB

Economics and Spanish A ECON&SPANA

Economics and Spanish B ECON&SPANB

Economics and Thai Studies ECON&THAI 

BA Languages, Cultures and English (Q3R1)

Arabic and English ARAB&ENGL

Chinese and English CHIN&ENGL

English and French ENGL&FREN

English and German ENGL&GERM

English and Italian A ENGL&ITA

English and Italian B ENGL&ITB

English and Japanese ENGL&JAPN

English and Portuguese ENGL&PORT

English and Russian A ENGL&RUSA

English and Russian B ENGL&RUSB

English and Spanish A ENGL&SPANA

English and Spanish B ENGL&SPANB

English and Thai Studies ENGL&THAI

BA Languages, Cultures and Film Studies (P3R1)

Arabic and Film Studies ARAB&FS

Chinese and Film Studies CHIN&FS

Film Studies and French FS&FREN

Film Studies and German FS&GERM

Film Studies and Italian A FS&ITA

Film Studies and Italian B FS&ITB

Film Studies and Japanese FS&JAPN

Film Studies and Portuguese FS&PORT

Film Studies and Russian A FS&RUSA

Film Studies and Russian B FS&RUSB

Film Studies and Spanish A FS&SPANA

Film Studies and Spanish B FS&SPANB

Film Studies and Thai Studies FS&THAI

BA Languages, Cultures and History (V1R1)

Chinese and History CHIN&HIST

French and History FREN&HIST

German and History GERM&HIST

History and Italian A HIST&ITA

History and Italian B HIST&ITB

History and Portuguese HIST&PORT

History and Russian A HIST&RUSA

History and Russian B HIST&RUSB

History and Spanish A HIST&SPANA

History and Spanish B HIST&SPANB

History and Thai Studies HIST&THAI

BA Languages, Cultures and International Relations (L5R1)

Arabic and International Relations ARAB&INTR

Chinese and International Relations CHIN&INTR

French and International Relations FREN&INTR

German and International Relations GERM&INTR

International Relations and Italian A INTR&ITA

International Relations and Italian B INTR&ITB

International Relations and Japanese and INTR&JAPN

International Relations and Portuguese INTR&PORT

International Relations and Russian A INTR&RUSA

International Relations and Russian B INTR&RUSB

International Relations and Spanish A INTR&SPANA

International Relations and Spanish B INTR&SPANB

International Relations and Thai Studies INTR&THAI

BA Languages, Cultures and Linguistics (Q1R1)

Arabic and Linguistics ARAB&LING

Chinese and Linguistics CHIN&LING

French and Linguistics FREN&LING

German and Linguistics GERM&LING

Italian A and Linguistics ITA&LING

ltalian B and Linguistics ITB&LING

Japanese and Linguistics JAPN&LING

Linguistics and Portuguese LING&PORT

Linguistics and Russian A LING&RUSA

Linguistics and Russian B LING&RUSB

Linguistics and Spanish A LING&SPANA

Linguistics and Spanish B LING&SPANB

Linguistics and Thai Studies LING&THAI

BA Languages, Cultures and Philosophy (V5R1)

Chinese and Philosophy CHIN&PHIL

French and Philosophy FREN&PHIL

German and Philosophy GERM&PHIL

Italian A and Philosophy ITA&PHIL

Italian B and Philosophy ITB&PHIL

Japanese and Philosophy JAPN&PHIL

Philosophy and Portuguese PHIL&PORT

Philosophy and Russian A PHIL&RUSA

Philosophy and Russian B PHIL&RUSB

Philosophy and Spanish A PHIL&SPANA

Philosophy and Spanish B PHIL&SPANB

Philosophy and Thai Studies PHIL&THAI

BA Languages, Cultures and Politics (L2R1)

Arabic and Politics ARAB&POLI

Chinese and Politics CHIN&POLI

French and Politics FREN&POLI

German and Politics GERM&POLI

Italian A and Politics ITA&POLI

Italian B and Politics ITB&POLI

Japanese and Politics JAPN&POLI

Politics and Portuguese POLI&PORT

Politics and Russian A POLI&RUSA

Politics and Russian B POLI&RUSB

Politics and Spanish A POLI&SPANA

Politics and Spanish B POLI&SPANB

Politics and Thai Studies POLI&THAI