Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary research is a major factor in the School with collaborations in:

The interests of the current full-time members of staff range across the whole spectrum of English studies and are sustained by active research and publishing. The individual research interests of members of staff are indicated on their staff pages, which also contain lists of their publications. In the last five years over three hundred books, articles, and reviews, comprising a wide variety of critical studies, editions and biographies, have been published by the staff. Recent book publications give a good idea of the range and vitality of the School's research.

PhD students are very much a part of the School's research community, working on both specific projects, such as the BBC Voices archives, and organising their own seminar series and conferences.

Members of the School have been successful in attracting research grants from the AHRC, British Academy and Leverhulme Trust. Two major AHRC projects are currently being carried out in the School: a new edition of the collected works of Ben Jonson, and the BBC Voices project. Recently completed projects include Leeds Poetry 1950-1980, and the Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture.