Medieval history texts in translation

Almost all of these texts appear here in English translation for the first time, and in the case of the one or two which have previously been rendered into English (all in the Crusades section), the translation here is, with one exception (quoted with permission), entirely new and has been made without reference to previous versions.

These texts should be regarded very much as work in progress. They are made publicly available for study and teaching, but any use made of them should be properly acknowledged, and any quotation in print confined to short extracts only; copyright remains with the authors of these translations.

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The Norman Conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily

The Annals of Bari, 1035-1102

The Deeds of Robert Guiscard by William of Apulia

The Deeds of Count Roger of Sicily by Geoffrey Malaterra, in four parts: part one; part two; part three; part four

The Chronicle of St. Clement of Casauria by John Berard

The Norman Kingdom of Sicily

Most of the texts relating to this topic formerly displayed on this website can now be found in:

G.A. Loud, Roger II and the Creation of the Kingdom of Sicily (Manchester Medieval Sources, Manchester University Press, published in January 2012)

G.A. Loud & Thomas Wiedemann, The History of the Tyrants of Sicily by 'Hugo Falcandus', 1154-69 (Manchester Medieval Sources, 1998)

The Conquest of Southern Italy by Henry VI

The Book in Honour of the Emperor, by Peter of Eboli

The Annals of Montecassino 1189-95

The Genoese Annals of Ottobuono Scriba, 1191, 1194

The Chronicle of Richard of S. Germano, 1189-99

The Crusades

Contemporary Letters and Texts concerning the Second Crusade

The Conquest of the Holy Land by Saladin

The Tract about the Places and Conditions of the Holy Land

Contemporary Documents concerning the Fourth Crusade and the Latin Empire of Constantinople

A Letter of Jacques de Vitry, 1216/17

Letters concerning the Crusader States during the Pontificate of Gregory IX

Germany 900-1260

The Deeds of the Saxons, by Widukind of Korvey

The Chronicle of Herman of Reichenau, 1039-54

The Annals of Lambert of Hersfeld

The Saxon War, by Bruno of Merseburg (extracts)

The Weingarten History of the Welfs

The Chronicle of Otto of St. Blasien, 1184-98

The Deeds of the Bishops of Utrecht, 1212-27

The Royal Chronicle of Cologne, 1238-49

The Annals of Herman of Niederaltaich, 1236-60

Spain in the Middle Ages

The Capture of Almeria and Tortosa, by Caffaro

The Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa, 1212