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Please visit our Admissions Webpage  for details of application deadlines

The languages we offer

We offer training with a range of languages in combination with English on our translation and interpreting programmes. A full list is given below. We cannot provide training with language combinations that do not include English. In 2017/18 we offer the following language combinations:

Specialised Translation modules Interpreting programme (2-languages pathway) Interpreting programme (bidirectional pathway)

MA Business and Public Service Interpreting and Translation Studies

PGDip Business and Public Service Interpreting 

Arabic into English Arabic into English  English into Arabic/Arabic into English  English into Arabic/Arabic into English
English into Arabic Chinese into English  English into Chinese/Chinese into English  English into Chinese/Chinese into English
Chinese into English French into English  English into French/French into English  English into French/French into English
English into Chinese German into English  English into German/German into English  English into Portuguese/Portuguese into English
French into English Italian into English  English into Italian/Italian into English
German into English Portuguese into English  English into Portuguese/Portuguese into English
Italian into English Spanish into English  English into Spanish/Spanish into English
Japanese into English
English into Japanese
Portuguese into English
Russian into English

Spanish into English

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have minimum and maximum group sizes for each language that we offer. On rare occasions, we may be forced to close admissions for a particular language due to over-recruitment, or withdraw a language entirely if we have not recruited enough students to form a viable group. We will announce at the top of this page any languages that are withdrawn or become full. Any offer-holders affected will be given the chance to defer to the following year or choose an alternative programme where appropriate. 

How it works

There are two key areas of our programmes where students are taught in language-specific groups: Specialised Translation modules (which form a compulsory part of all our programmes except the PG Diploma Conference Interpreting); and interpreting modules.

Specialised Translation (ST): these modules are offered INTO English for all languages, and for some languages we also offer a FROM English module. Because ST modules are compulsory on most programmes, you will probably find there are students from other programmes in your ST classes. Class sizes for ST are limited to approximately 15 students, but more popular languages may have multiple groups.

Interpreting: teaching methods vary on Interpreting modules: some are taught in mixed-language classes, while others are taught in language-specific classes but with some mixed-language group sessions. Even mixed-language sessions involve use of your particular language combination through working in pairs or small teams. Most Interpreting classes are limited to approximately 8 students, but more popular languages may have multiple groups.

Some other modules (such as Computer-Assisted Translation and Audiovisual Translation) are taught in mixed-language classes but students will sometimes work in language-specific teams or have language specific seminars within those classes.

The Extended Translations summer project option is normally limited to the same language combinations as ST modules, but sometimes one translation may be in a FROM English combination not listed above, providing there is an appropriate supervisor and the Programme/Module Manager agrees.

Interpreting programmes

Interpreters talk in terms of 'A', 'B' and 'C' languages. Your A-language is always your mother tongue; a B-language is an active language that you can work both FROM and INTO; and a C-language is a passive language that you can only work FROM.

At Leeds, you can either work with an AB combination (bidirectional pathway) or an ACC combination (2-languages pathway). 

We will not provide training in a combination that does not include your mother tongue as this could severely limit your employability as an interpreter. If your languages are not listed above, please contact the LCS PG Admissions Team for advice (

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