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Investment in first-class training in Leeds yields excellent results for our graduates in the job market. Many of our alumni make direct use of their postgraduate translation and interpreting skills in large organisations, in their own agencies or working as freelancers. Others find employment in project management roles and in senior administrative positions across the employment spectrum.

female student working

Our graduates work at the European institutions (Parliament, Commission and Court of Justice), the United Nations and UN affiliated organisations (e.g. WHO, FAO), leading commercial enterprises and NGOs. MA Conference Interpreting and Translation Studies (MACITS) graduates are fairly successful with the EU inter-institutional accreditation test for freelance interpreters, with particularly high pass rates in 2010 and 2014.

The Centre for Translation Studies at Leeds was a founding member of the national Graduate Placement Scheme, piloted in 2007, which resulted in the production of a handbook and a website for matching interns to placements. In 2013, the Centre for Translation Studies joined several representatives of ELIA (European Language Industry Association) led by STP (Sandberg Translation Partners) and, together with a number of UK Universities, has been working on facilitating meaningful internships for trainee linguists within the UK, but also at a European level.

CTS translation

Dr Alina Secară and Dr Dragoș Ciobanu from CTS visiting partners at the United Nations Vienna (UNOV)

Translation companies and companies with translation departments regularly contact CTS with requests to fill vacancies or to recruit interns. This is because companies know that our graduates are familiar with a wide range of translation tools and have valuable experience of project management and working in multilingual teams. Interns with not only English but also Chinese and Japanese have obtained positions in UK, France, Germany and Spain.

Specific examples of the jobs that our graduates have entered are listed in the table on our Alumni career destinations page and Alumni profiles can be found on our People/Alumni page.

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