Research & Innovation

Track record in funded projects

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ASSIST (2005-2007): EPSRC, £124,000.
Leverhulme fellowship for Babych (2007-2009): £47,345
WebDoc (2009-2010): Google Research Award, £39,989
ACCURAT (2010-2012): ICT FP7 €369,786
TTC (2010-2012): ICT FP7 €340,174
Kelly (2010-2012): EU LLP €124,478
IntelliText (2010-2011): AHRC £159,293
ReadingCorp (2010-2012): AHRC £9,990
HyghTra (2011-2014): MC FP7, €541,575

We have also been awarded funding for various knowledge exchange projects, from sources as diverse as EU Leonardo (eColore, eColoTrain, eColoMedia, Mellange), HEFCE (NNI), EU (ORCIT). These partnerships both rely on and contribute to our international reputation. They are also invaluable as a means of ensuring our research agenda remains fresh and in line with real-world needs. An example of our Knowledge Transfer activities is the partnership with TAUS, (, a not-for-profit community of users and providers of translation technologies and services, whose members include Adobe, eBay, Intel, McAfee, Microsoft, Oracle and Sun. Our expertise helped TAUS to develop an online collaborative platform in which translation companies and individual translators can search and exchange translation memory resources.

In addition to these large-scale projects we maintain fruitful collaboration with the International Organisations, such as the UN, EU and their agencies. These relationships benefit our students and marketing profile (through access to study visits and pro bono masterclasses), while our partners benefit from our research-led expertise in training (through delivery of CPD workshops).

Finally, we have strategically reinvested surpluses from completed KT projects to maximize the impact of our fundamental research activities (CTS ToolBox).

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