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Multilingualism and multimodality: Improving meaning-making in healthcare information.

Our project delivers evidence to inform the improvement of the design and translation of healthcare communications in two related multilingual societies, Hong Kong and the UK. In sum, we aim to achieve four objectives. In order of priority, these are:

(1) to suggest ways to improve the accessibility of information, whether delivered in the original language or in translation;

(2) to identify opportunities to make its production more efficient;

(3) to develop methodological approaches, as well as results, which will be generalizable to other contexts, including health promotion for other language communities in Hong Kong, the UK and other multilingual societies, as well as transfer to other service sectors, public, charitable and commercial;

(4) to foster collaborative ties between leading academics in Hong Kong and the UK with complementary skills and expertise and to ensure knowledge transfer within the research team.

Contact: Martin Thomas

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