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Online Resource for Conference Interpreter Training

The aim of the project is to develop an open interactive multimedia resource in conference interpreter training. The interactive medium is intended for postgraduate interpreter training schools in the EU member states and those countries where postgraduate training in conference interpreting is being offered or envisaged. The project team is creating template modules in five EU languages (English, Czech, Greek, Lithuanian and Spanish) which could be adapted for training in any language. The expectation is that this collaborative project will complement the curriculum set by the European Masters in Conference Interpreting and will contribute to best practice in training standards in conference interpreting in Europe and beyond.

The proposed resources are intended to supplement all stages of training. Unlike Video conferencing, ORCIT resources are open and completely accessible to anyone with a computer and internet access.

CTS contacts: Svetlana Carsten, Matthew Perret, Sophie Llewellyn Smith, Tamara Muroiwa, Jeremy Munday, Dragos Ciobanu, Sara Ramos Pinto

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