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The ACCURAT project aims at researching methods and techniques to overcome one of the central problems of machine translation (MT) - the lack of linguistic resources for many domains and languages that are the object of machine translation. The main goal is to find, analyse and evaluate novel methods that exploit comparable corpora in order to compensate for this shortage of linguistic resources, and ultimately to improve significantly MT quality for under-resourced languages and narrow domains.

Contacts: Bogdan Babych, Serge Sharoff

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  2. Track record in funded projects
  5. eColo Family projects
  6. EvIDence
  7. Intellitext
  8. HyghTra
  9. Kelly
  10. LangCorp
  11. Mellange
  12. MITRAS
  13. MULIMO
  14. MyExhibition
  15. NNI
  16. ORCIT
  17. ReadingCorp
  18. TAUS
  19. TTC
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