Introduction to the activities

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These activities provide some of my thoughts on the examples of paintings we explore during this course. The activities are presented within the units of the course, but you can also navigate them using the list at the bottom of the page. My comments on each of the paintings are intended to indicate ways of approaching the analysis of the paintings - they're certainly not exhaustive, and you'll have your own ideas on how the methods of formal analysis can be applied to each of the case studies in question.

I hope these activities are enjoyable, and a chance to explore both familiar and less familiar paintings.

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  1. Introduction to the activities
  2. Activity (i) - Colour
  3. Activity (ii) - Colour
  4. Activity (iii) - Colour
  5. Activity (iv) - Colour
  6. Activity (v) - Colour
  7. Activity (vii) - Space and Perspective
  8. Activity (viii) - Space and Perspective
  9. Activity (ix) - Space and Perspective
  10. Activity (x) - Space and Perspective
  11. Activity (xi) - Space and Perspective
  12. Activity (xii) - Space and Perspective
  13. Activity (xiii) - Modelling and Plasticity
  14. Activity (xiv) - Modelling and Plasticity
  15. Activity (xv) - Modelling and Plasticity
  16. Activity (xvi) - Composition
  17. Activity (xvii) - Composition
  18. Activity (xviii) - Composition
  19. Activity (xix) - Composition
  20. Activity (xx) - Composition
  21. Activity (xxi) - Light
  22. Activity (xxii) - Light
  23. Activity (xxiii) - The Human Figure
  24. Activity (xxiv) - The Human Figure
  25. Activity (xxv) - The Human Figure
  26. Activity (xxvi) - Landscape
  27. Activity (xxvii) - Landscape
  28. Activity (xxviii) - Landscape
  29. Activity (xxix) - Still Life
  30. Activity (xxx) - Action & narrative
  31. Activity (xxxi) - Action & Narrative.
  32. Activity (xxxii) - Portraiture
  33. Activity (xxxiii) - Portraiture
  34. Analysing paintings acknowledgements
  35. Appendix