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On Stage in Semester 2

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Monday January 22nd to Friday May 4th 2018

The start of the second semester traditionally sees a number of shows presented in-and-around the Workshop Theatre, as students and visiting professional companies bring work produced during the winter break. 

As with the previous semester, the Workshop Theatre hosts a number of productions by student societies such as Theatre Group and Open Theatre in cooperation with stage@leeds and Leeds University Union. These performances take place throughout the second semester, in the Banham Theatre, across the road from our main building. These extra-curricular productions are a chance for students to put on shows of their own choosing - without the pressure of marks!

In addition to the work presented by students, we’re often visited by professional theatre companies at various points through the year. Recently we’ve seen:

Just before the Easter break, the main theatrical event of our academic year takes place. The Practical Essays are the final performance pieces by our third year students and, typically, we will see upwards of twenty performances presented over one weekend. Staged between the Banham Theatre and Studio 1, this festival of theatre represents the culmination of our student’s practical work at Leeds. It offers them the chance to work as “critical practitioners” in the creation of a theatrical statement that explores an issue, a debate, or a question of particular importance to them.

The final weeks of the academic year will see staged practical work and presentations at the conclusion of various course options, such as the Surrealism module or the first-year Theatre Project, before our theatres “go dark” (for a while) and the exams take place.

The respite does not last long and July will typically see pre-production work by various student companies heading up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. The Workshop Theatre has a long tradition of supporting students in their preparations for the Festival, in particular Aireborne Theatre (the professional arm of the Leeds University Union Theatre Group). As a result, we spend August searching the press for reviews and (hopefully) news of their success before preparing for the new academic year and starting all over again!

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