Dante and Late Medieval Florence: Theology in Poetry, Practice and Society

This project will be carried out by a team of researchers.

Project leadership team

Principal Investigator: Dr Matthew Treherne (University of Leeds)

Co-Investigators: Prof. Simon Gilson (University of Warwick)

Prof. Claire Honess (University of Leeds)

Post-doctoral researchers

Dr Nicolò Maldina (University of Leeds; Religious culture and the mediation of theological ideas in Dante and Dante's Florence

Dr Anna Pegoretti (University of Warwick): Theological learning in Dante and Dante's Florence

AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellow

Dr Ruth Chester will work on the ways in which modern visitors to Dante's Florence can experience late medieval religious culture and benefit from the findings of the research project.

Doctoral researchers

Kevin Marples and Abi Rowson are the two doctoral researchers on the project team. Kevin is working on "Prophecy, Politics and Theology in Dante"; Abi is working on "Theologians as Characters in the Commedia". Kevin and Abi are based in Leeds.

Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholar

Lois Haines, a student of French and Italian, will form a key part of the project team, conducting research and preparing materials to support the public outreach activities of the project. Her scholarship is funded through the University of Leeds Alumni Annual Fund, supported by donations from former students and friends of the University of Leeds.

Advisory Board

The project is supported by an advisory board made up of internationally leading scholars:

Prof. Zygmunt Bara?ski (University of Notre Dame)

Prof. Theodore Cachey (University of Notre Dame)

Dr Donal Cooper (University of Warwick)

Prof. Giuseppe Ledda (University of Bologna)

Prof. Ronald Martinez (Brown University)

Prof. Brian Richardson (University of Leeds).

This project is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).