Introducing Dante

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These pages give an overview of Dante's life, of the cultural and political context in which Dante lived and worked, and of Dante's major works of literature. Please use the links below to navigate through this section of the web resource.

Online lecture: A lecture by Claire Honess (University of Leeds), entitled "Introduction to Dante", is available to view online.  To watch this lecture, click here (streamed file).

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  1. In this section
  2. Dante's life
  3. Poetry in Dante's Italy
  4. Visual Arts in Dante's Italy
  5. Intellectual life in Dante's Italy
  6. Religious Life
  7. Political Life
  8. Dante's "Vita nova"
  9. Dante's "Convivio"
  10. Dante's "De vulgari eloquentia" and "Monarchia"
  11. Dante's "Rime"
  12. The "Commedia"