Mangoletsi Lectures

The Mangoletsi Lectures are an annual series of four public lectures aimed at a general academic audience, addressing topics in 'theoretical philosophy' broadly construed. The series is funded by the Mangoletsi Trust. The trust was set up by our former colleague Dr Timothy Potts to honour the commitment of his late mother to education, and it also supports both the award of an annual prize for an undergraduate dissertation and the study for a Masters degree by Research in Philosophy.

The past Mangoletsi Lectures are:

2008 John Dupré: The New Philosophy of Nature

2009 Peter van Inwagen: God, Science and Philosophy

2010 Katherine Hawley: Distrust, Ignorance and Injustice

2011 Jane Heal: Other Minds

2012 Dominic McIver Lopes: Four Arts of Photography

2014 John Cottingham: Towards a More Humane Philosophy of Religion

2015 Helen Beebee: Turf Wars: Science and Metaphysics

2016: Rae Langton: Doing and Undoing Things with Words

2017: Mohan Matthen: Art's for Pleasure's Sake

The 2018 Mangoletsi Lectures will be delivered by Sally Haslanger.