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Publications by Dr Joe Saunders

Two new publications, including his prize winning essay from the 2015 Robert Papazian Annual Essay Prize on themes from Ethics and Political Philosophy

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Dialectic in Late Plato

What is dialectic? What is it for? How should it be practised (or exercised)? The workshop poses these questions in relation to Plato’s Republic and post-Republic dialogues. Starts at 10:00 am.

Ethical Leadership and the Church of England

The day workshop is an attempt within academic ethics to develop an "agenda" of ethical issues relevant to leadership within the Church of England, drawing on multiple perspectives. Starts at 9:15 am.

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Staff Profile

Alice Temple

Alice is responsible for the development and delivery of research ethics training at the University for PhD students and staff.

Student Voices

Alyse Roberts

The course was more challenging than I expected but also far more rewarding than I expected too.