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Our undergraduate teaching is designed to provide students from a range of disciplines with the opportunity to study applied ethics.

We believe that the discussion and analysis of ethical issues is a valuable activity in any discipline, and has practical relevance outside of its traditional home in academic philosophy departments. Professional bodies and employers are increasingly demanding that graduates are equipped with ethical awareness and the ability to reason effectively about ethical issues in the workplace.

Providing students with the opportunity to think about ethical issues, especially as they relate to their particular discipline, develops them personally and professionally, and provides key transferable skills. The study of applied ethics develops critical analysis, reasoning and argument, and clarity of expression.

Discovery Theme Modules

The IDEA Centre run two 10 credit Discovery Theme Modules:-

IDEA1000 Professional Ethics: Challenges and Crises - this is an introduction to professional ethics and examines some of the challenges and crises that might arise in professional life.

IDEA2000 Leadership Ethics- this is aimed at students from across the University who wish to develop their understanding of the practical ethical challenges of leadership.

Both modules are available to students whose programme permits Discovery Modules.

Intercalated BA Biomedical & Health Care Ethics

Developed from over twenty years of teaching medical ethics, our BA Biomedical & Health Care Ethics is offered to UK medical and dentistry students who have the option of intercalating during their programme of study. The course aims to provide a thorough grounding in ethics and bioethics, especially as they apply to medical practice and health policy.

Our MA Biomedical & Health Care Ethics is also available as an Intercalated degree. Please see the Postgraduate pages for more information.

Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Teaching

A central part of the Centre's activity is to develop and deliver inter-disciplinary applied ethics teaching across the University of Leeds. Working in partnership with academics in host disciplines, we design bespoke teaching sessions which are integrated into the curriculum to enhance the ethical skills and knowledge of Leeds graduates. Our inter-disciplinary teaching ranges from single sessions to whole modules, and is delivered by our team of ethics tutors, who are all trained and supported by the Centre. The process is overseen by our Ethics Theme Teams.

Our aim is teach applied ethics in a way that is relevant to students, whether they are studying engineering or dentistry, geography or business. We work closely with professionals, academics from across the University, and students themselves to make sure that our teaching is appropriate and meaningful.

Our resources, training and development opportunities enable us to share what we have learnt about teaching ethics across disciplines across the UK and beyond. Through our workshops and conferences in specific areas we share practices with, and learn from, wider networks across the UK and EU.