MA Applied and Professional Ethics

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Ethics has an increasingly integral role in the professional world. However, organisations often overlook the importance of applying ethical standards to the workplace, at the risk of their reputation.

Our MA teaches professionals the skills necessary to bring ethics to the foreground, allowing organisations to invest in the future while supporting the development of its employees.

Through this programme, you will be able to:

  • Equip – gain the skills needed to highlight and analyse ethical issues
  • Apply – use these skills to improve ethical conduct within your organisation
  • Evaluate – advise on the management and avoidance of ethical conflict
  • Contextualise – understand the role of culture and leadership in ethical behaviour
  • To apply for the course, visit our Student Portal.

    Details on how to apply can be found on our How To Apply webpage.

    Course outline

    This MA teaches different approaches to ethical problems, examining both philosophical literature and real-life case studies. The modules draw knowledge from our academic research and consultancy and training teams, ensuring it is up to date with current issues and developments in professionalism.

    Students are able to tailor their study towards a particular profession or subject of interest, in order to best help them apply their knowledge to the workplace.

    For full details of the programme please visit Course Finder.

    Who is this course for? 

    The course is taught entirely onlineand available full-time and part-time. This course is particularly appropriate for those in full-time employment and international students, who wish to gain a qualification from a leading university without interrupting their career.

    Our students come from a range of professions, including:

    The course is particularly suitable for professionals wishing to continue their professional development (CPD), including those in the following roles:

    • Advisors for Directors and Board Members
    • Leadership and Managerial roles
    • Human Resources 
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Corporate Governance 
    • Compliance Workers

    If you have questions about whether this course would fit your professional development, please get in touch with us at

    Postgraduate Diploma

    If you are interested in this course but do not have an undergraduate degree, you can apply for a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied and Professional Ethics. This is also available full-time and part-time, with more information available on Coursefinder.

    Professional Ethics Short Course

    If you are interested in what the Masters course would entail before committing to the full programme, we also provide an introductory Short Course in Applied and Professional Ethics. Further details about the Short Course can be found on our Short Course webpage.

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