Online Distance Learning

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Our distance learning programmes are taught entirely online, making them particularly appropriate for those in full-time employment or resident overseas, who wish to gain a qualification from a leading university without interrupting their career.

There are no lectures or seminars, as these programmes have been designed specifically for online distance learning. Students have access to high-quality learning resources, and work collaboratively with other students from across the world.

Course materials are delivered entirely over the web, using the University of Leeds' Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), which is both user-friendly and provides tools that allow students to learn in cooperation with one another. Students on our distance learning programmes can be resident anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the internet, and can complete their work at any time to fit in with work and other activities.

Students have access to high-quality interactive course materials, designed specifically for online teaching, which will accompany carefully chosen readings. As well as this, students participate in structured collaborative activities, which are intended to produce the debate and discussion that are vital for successfully studying ethics.

"The content and delivery of the online MA materials are superb, with reading and reflective questions that really foster engagement and create every opportunity to see the relevance to one's own professional field" Former MA student, 2011

Although the flexibility of online teaching means that students can work independently, they also receive support from academics, who both participate in online discussion groups and respond to students' queries by email. In addition, the Centre has a dedicated Online Learning Officer who is able to help students with any other issues they encounter, be they technical problems, assessment worries or administrative issues.

"Although it is online, I do not feel isolated from other students because of the online discussions. The ability to study when I want to or have the time makes it more likely that I study when I am in the right frame of mind. This is not always the case when you have to physically attend lectures. Although some of the material is quite challenging, it is broken down in ways that make it accessible." Former MA student, 2011

Benefits of Online Distance Learning

  • Students can study in their own time, fitting work around their careers and other responsibilities.
  • There's no need to attend Leeds at any point during the course (although there may be opportunities to meet other students for those able and willing to travel).
  • Students benefit from teaching materials designed specifically for the web, which they can either read on-screen or print off to read anywhere.
  • Students participate in carefully structured online discussions, working collaboratively with each other.
  • The essential course readings are made available electronically, saving time and money.
  • Students have access to high quality electronic resources, such as journals and e-books, through the University Library