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Consultancy & Training

About our services

Our consultancy and training services are tailored to the needs of businesses, professional and public bodies.  Whether you would like to improve the ethical understanding of your employees or members, or to gain a better understanding of the ethical issues facing your sector, our services can help.

We have a deep understanding of ethical issues derived from years of academic study, teaching and research.  We also have ten years’ experience as a consultancy, working with industry to identify problems and deliver practical solutions. 

Our services 

We provide training and consultancy services:

For professional bodies: equipping your members with the skills and understanding to become more well-rounded professionals.

For businesses and public bodies: ensuring that your organisation's ethical values have a tangible impact on the working practices of all of its employees.

Visit our pages on ethics training and consultancy and commissioned research for more information on what we do, examples of projects we have successfully delivered, and testimonials from our clients. 

If you would like to explore how we can help your organisation, contact Jim Baxter for a free initial consultation.

Networking events 

We run a series of free evening events which bring together professionals and academics to discuss ethical issues, named the Professional Ethics Network (PEN).  Information on PEN events (and other IDEA events) can be found on our events page.

"IDEA have worked with us to present ethics in an interesting, personal and dynamic way to our members. They have helped us bring ethics to life".

David Thomson, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, CII