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About our services

We have developed a range of professional services that can help individuals, organisations and professional bodies to meet the ethical challenges they face in the course of their working lives. 

For example:

During a casual conversation, a friend passes on a rumour about a colleague that implicates her in illegal activity.  Your friend asks you not to pass the rumour on to anyone at your organisation.
What do you do? 

Your small business has been asked to make an unofficial ‘facilitation payment’ in order to secure a new contract. Without the contract, the business may be at risk, and many of your employees’ jobs with it.
Should you make the payment, or refuse? 

You have been asked to give advice to the government on an engineering issue.  The company you work for could stand to benefit from decisions the government makes on this issue.
Should you go ahead or refuse? If you go ahead, should you declare a conflict of interest?

Our approach recognises that while codes of conduct and corporate social responsibility policies offer guidance on how to behave, they cannot govern all situations and contingencies.

We provide training and consultancy services:

For individuals: developing better awareness, professional judgment and ethical reasoning skills.

For professional bodies: equipping your members with the skills and understanding to become more well-rounded professionals.

For businesses and public bodies: ensuring that your organisation's ethical values have a tangible impact on the working practices of all of its employees.

We offer CPD trainingconsultancy as well as a Professional Ethics Network (PEN). 

"IDEA have worked with us to present ethics in an interesting, personal and dynamic way to our members. They have helped us bring ethics to life".

David Thomson, Director of Policy and Public Affairs, CII

To find out more about any of our consultancy and training services, please contact Jim Baxter