Ethical Decision-making in the NHS Workshop

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A half-day workshop facilitated by staff from the Inter-Disciplinary Ethics Applied (IDEA) Centre and the Centre for Innovation in Health Management, University of Leeds. 

Suitable for anyone with an interest in strategic decision-making in the NHS, including, but not limited to, Senior Managers including Clinician Managers.  

Why is this workshop important?

Senior managers in the NHS face difficult decisions every day. It is essential that decisions are seen to be ethical to retain the trust of staff, service-users and the general public.

Making consistently ethical decisions requires skill, understanding and good judgement. It is not just about having access to the relevant data; it is also about interpreting that data in the light of a sophisticated understanding of the relevant ethical values.

The Workshop

This interactive, half-day workshop provides a practical approach to ethical decision-making.

Delegates will:

  • work through current decisions faced by the organisation 
  • use the checklist for ethical decision-making
  • ethically justify their chosen approach

Facilitators who combine expertise in applied ethics with significant practical experience of strategic decision-making in the NHS will guide the workshop.

“Great workshop, food for thought, provides a structured approach to ethical dilemmas.”   Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals Trust


We worked with the University’s Centre for Innovation in Health Management (CIHM) to produce a National Inquiry into Ethical Decision making in the NHS. The major output from this research was a checklist for ethical decision-making.

A full version of the report and a shorter version can be found below.

Ethics Inquiry full report (pdf)

Ethics Inquiry short report (pdf)

Find out more

For more information on running this workshop or to discuss other ways we may be able to help your organisation please contact the IDEA Centre on 0113 343 7799

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