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17 Blenheim Terrace

The Centre hosts an inter-disciplinary research seminar during term-time. Speakers are invited to present for approximately half an hour on a topic in applied ethics. The presentation is followed by informal discussion. 

Papers are invited from a broad range of disciplines related to ethics. The sessions are designed to help all involved to benefit from each other's expertise.

The seminar currently runs for 12noon - 1.15pm on Wednesday afternoons, at the IDEA Centre during term time. All are welcome and there is no need to book.

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To view the Previous Research Seminars the IDEA Centre has held please click here. Audio from our previous research seminars are available on iTunesU.

Previous Seminars

Click here to listen to the audio recordings of the research seminars. Where recordings have not been released under Creative Commons licence, this is noted below.  

Wednesday 7th October, Tim Taylor, The Proper Role For Well-Being in Public Policy

Wednesday 21st October, Rob Lawlor, Highlighting the Absurdity of Economists' Abstract, Sacrifice-free Solutions to Climate Change

Wednesday 28th October, Diana Sofronievra, The Moral Value of Empathy

Wednesday 4th November, Sean Sinclair, Should healthcare policy-makers relax their normal criteria in the case of rare diseases, when deciding whether to licence and fund treatments for them?

Wednesday 11th November, Andrew Stanners, The Context of Choice

Wednesday 18th November, Bob Stern, Care for the Other: Logstrup and Care Ethics

Wednesday 25th November, Tom Hancocks, Transitional Justice and Retroactive Law

Wednesday 2nd December, Chris Megone, Applied Ancient Philosophy

Wednesday 9th December, Jessica Begon, Determining Distributive Entitlements for Disabled Individuals

Wednesday 13th January, Andrew Evans, The ethics of recruiting microworkers in academic studies
To listen to this seminar on iTunesU please click here

Wednesday 27th January, Rob Simpson, Children and Hate Speech
To listen to this seminar on iTunesU please click here

Wednesday 3rd February, Gerald Lang, Equality and Variation

Wednesday 10th February, Marc Wilcox, Using Animal Products and the Commodification of Corpses

Wednesday 17th February, Morten Jensen, Voting: Risk and Responsibility

Wednesday 24th February, Bernardo Aguilera Dreyse, Minimal Minds, Personhood and Moral Agency

Wednesday 9th March, Daniel O’Neill – Achieving a Sustainable Economy within Planetary Boundaries

Friday 11th March, Daniel M. Hausman - Measuring Health: Conceptual and Ethical Problems

Wednesday 16th March, Joe SaundersKant and Degrees of Responsibility

Wednesday 6th April,  Samantha Crossley – What Lies Beneath: Addressing the Empirical Gaps in Virtue Theory, Governance, and the Banking Sector 

Wednesday 13th April, Ashkan AtryMoral Enhancement: What is it and is it desirable?

Tuesday 26th April, Augustin Fragniere and Stephen Gardiner - Why Geoengineering is Not 'Plan B'

Wednesday 27th April, Giles Moss - Understanding how citizens evaluate televised election debates

Wednesday 4th May Jamie DowHow should a speaker persuade a non-ideal audience without pandering to their vices?

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