Writing Back is an award-winning, letter-writing project set up by Dr Georgina Binnie in 2014. Dr Binnie matches undergraduate students as pen pals with older Yorkshire residents. Now in its third year, the project currently involves 200 participants. Writing Back has benefits for both parties, with the exchanging of letters frequently leading to long-lasting friendships. Older participants range from 50-99 years and are typically signposted to the project by third-sector organisations. The theme of this year's letters is 'Yorkshire', with students sending historic photographs of the county to their older pen pals. 

Awards and Recognition 

2017 Positive Partner in Society Award 2016-17: Georgina Binnie for the Writing Back project

2016 National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement: Shortlisted as a Finalist in the 'Individually-led Project Category' (TBA on 29 November 2016): Finalist details

2016 Awarded Footsteps Funding as part of their Making a World of Difference Campaign

2016 Outstanding PE/PPIE during the Execution of Research Stage at the University of Leeds 

2015 Winner of the Leeds for Life Foundation Award