CHIA First International Symposium

Violent Anticlericalism in Modern Spain


José Luis Ledesma (Universidad Complutense de Madrid): 'Anticlericalism and the Civil War: Origins, functions and limits of anticlerical violence' 

Julio de la Cueva (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha): 'Not only Spain: anticlerical violence in Mexico and the Soviet Union in the interwar period'

Maria Thomas (University of Exeter): ‘Contra el vaticano, poder clitoriano’. Women and anticlerical mobilisation in contemporary Spain.

Three of the most prestigious scholars in the field will address the use of physical violence against ecclesiastical personnel and  property in Modern Spain. The recurrence of instances of anticlerical violence in the first decades of the twentieth century will be examined by taking into account the underlying cultural, social and political factors and conditions that framed them. Contrasting views, as well as new approaches and future challenges affecting this field of studies, will be offered. Shorter interventions by our colleagues Gregorio Alonso and Peter Anderson will, respectively, present and conclude the event.

DATE 10 May 2016 

VENUE Baines Wing 2.10 

TIME 14:00- 17:00

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