Student Testimonials

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Here, you can watch and read testimonials from students that have studied on our Languages for All modules. We hope you enjoy learning about their experiences. If you have studied on one of our modules and would like to give us feedback, please send us an email at

Flora studied Spanish and Japanese

Guilin studied Korean

Kristal studied Korean

Nikolina studied Spanish

Joanne studied Mandarin

Vivian studied Korean 

Amy Wright



Amy talks about studying Beginner's Spanish. 




Elina Broka



Elina discusses her Languages for All Lower Intermediate German studies. 



Georgiana Epure



Georgiana studied Elementary German through Languages for All. 



Isabelle Ursu



Isabelle studied Beginner's German and Italian. 



Morgana Warren-Jones



Morgana studied Beginner's German through Languages for All. 




Nishant Modasia




Nishant studied Lower Intermediate Spanish. 



Zoe Bowen-Jones



 Zoe studied Beginner's Italian and German. 



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  1. Student Testimonials
  2. Flavia Bonomi, Mandarin Chinese, Beginner
  3. Patrick Ibbotson, French, Upper Intermediate
  4. Lisa Melville, French, Upper Intermediate
  5. Eleni Sivva, Mandarin Chinese, Beginner
  6. Amy Wright, Spanish, Beginner
  7. Elina Broka, German, Lower Intermediate
  8. Georgiana Epure, German, Elementary
  9. Isabelle Ursu, German and Italian, Beginner
  10. Morgana Warren-Jones, German, Beginner
  11. Nishant Modasia, Spanish, Lower Intermediate
  12. Zoe Bowen-Jones, Italian and German, Beginner