Why Learn a Language?


Adding a language and developing your cultural knowledge enhances your employability and helps you to differentiate yourself from other graduates. In a competitive global market, you have a distinct advantage by speaking another language and understanding other cultures. This is an essential element of being a global graduate.

A large proportion of employers place a premium on graduates with at least conversational fluency in another language - CBI Education and Skills Survey (2009)

Taking a Languages for All module at lower or intermediate level is an excellent preparation for studying abroad or taking up an international placement while you are at Leeds. This will develop your confidence in your linguistic ability and your awareness of the country(ies) where it is spoken and the culture. Increasingly we work in multinational teams and live in global communities so knowing another language and understanding other cultures is a valuable asset. To find out more about the University’s study abroad options, click here.

Many students enjoy the intellectual challenge of learning a language and the contrast that it offers to their degree programme. They also develop a range of transferable skills such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, creative problem-solving, social and cultural sensitivity, working independently and in groups, initiative and time management.  Understanding another language opens up a new dimension, gives you access to a raft of opportunities and gives you an insight into another culture and often a new way of seeing the world.

Languages for All offers discovery modules in French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish. Most are 20-credit modules which run over both semesters but some run in Semester 1 only or Semester 2 only. We also offer some 10-credit modules. Whether you are a complete beginner or you want to improve your language skills, there should be something to meet your needs.