Find out more about soft power and film, with network member Robert Saunders, in conversation with Vlad Strukov.

Round Table discussion podcast - Sao Paulo

Podcast: Imagining the BRICS: Case study Brazil.

Network member Paul Cooke's short film of our Sao Paulo activities

Brazilian Film and Soft Power

Network members Stephanie Dennison and Alessandra Meleiro discuss Brazilian film and soft power for the Brazilian broadsheet Folha de Sao Paulo. (English translation)

Stephanie Dennison on Brazil and the Olympics

Stephanie Dennison has written an article on Rio’s green Olympic Games get underway with low-budget, high-spirited opening ceremony for The Conversation

Stephanie also co-curated and introduced two films at the successful Brazilian Film Weekender at HOME in Manchester 21-24 July 2016. This was the first time HOME, who host the annual Viva Spanish and Latin American film festival, has focused on Brazilian cinema.

Soft Power, Cinema and the BRICS Members publish in InfoMoney

Alessandra Meleiro, Stephanie Dennison and Alessandra Scangarelli Brites' article: A cultura e o audiovisual na era da interdepêndencia econômica internacional

Network steering committee members discuss film and soft power in The Conversation.

Oscars' snub to world cinema promotes a very outdated worldview by Stephanie Dennison

Transformers 4: China is using Hollywood to take on the world by Chris Homewood

Russian film legislation is used to detract from more pressing issues by Vlad Strukov