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Application Process

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Preparing an Application

Before submitting a formal application find out whether the University of Leeds is the right place for you to undertake your research.

Have a look at the Research Culture section to determine whether your research ideas complement any of the School Research Groups. If they do, you are more likely to find an academic willing to supervise your studies.

Prepare a Research Proposal and send it to the relevant School, email addresses below. The Director of Postgraduate Research will be happy to advise you on the scope and feasibility of your proposal and help you identify potential Supervisors.

Once you have refined your Research Proposal you can make a formal application through the University of Leeds website - Apply on Line. If you have any queries regarding your research degree application, please contact the School’s Postgraduate Research Administrator. 

School of English
e: t: 0113 3437327

School of History and Institute for Medieval Studies
e: t: 0113 3438747

School of Languages, Cultures and Societies
e: t: 0113 3437844

School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science
e: t: 0113 3433263

Deadlines and Timescales

You can begin a PhD or MA by research degree any time of the year, so there are no formal deadlines.  However, the majority of new PhD students start on 1st October and we would recommend this whenever possible so that you have the benefit of a full induction programme. 

Please note that if you are intending to apply for Scholarship Funding, several of the schemes require you to have applied for a place on your chosen programme of study as early as December or January.

Application for a place of study are usually processed within 2-4 weeks of receipt. However, during our busiest times (April-June), this process can take up to 6 weeks. Your application will be processed more quickly if you include all the required documentation when you apply.


The following documentation is required with all applications:


All Postgraduate Research Degrees in the Faculty of Arts are available as part-time study.

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