Research Culture

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In the Faculty of Arts our academics are attached to one or more Research Groups within and across Schools. Each of these Research Groups represent an active area of research expertise within the Faculty of Arts at the University of Leeds.

School of English

The School of English pursues research across the full range of the discipline: Medieval and Early Modern literature, Eighteenth Century and Romantic literature, Victorian literature, Modern and Contemporary literatures, American Literature and Culture, Postcolonial Literature and Culture, English Language, Drama and Theatre Studies, Critical and Cultural Theory, and the New Humanities.

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School of History 

Research in the School of History is characterised by three core components:

  • Innovative and powerful projects that range widely by period, geographical region, and them
  • Creative partnerships with organisations and people beyond academia
  • Productive collaborations with our students at both postgraduate and undergraduate levels

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School of Languages, Cultures and Societies

Staff in the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies pursue individual, collaborative and multidisciplinary research, covering, among others, the fields of language, literature, history, politics, economics, sociology, cultural studies, film and media studies, linguistics and translation studies. Underpinning our research is the appreciation of the key importance of language as a human institution and the intellectual, educational, and social value of its study.

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School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science 

Research activities in the School are organised and focused around six research centres:

  • Centre for Aesthetics
  • Centre for Ethics and Metaethics
  • Centre for History and Philosophy of Science
  • Centre for Metaphysics and Mind
  • Centre for Philosophy of Religion
  • Centre for Religion and Public Life

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