Botany House Clusters

General Terms and Conditions of Use

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1. Botany House is accessible during normal working hours from Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 6.00pm. To use the Botany House facility out of normal working hours all PGRs must have prior approval from their supervisor for lone working and follow the rules laid out in the Faculty’s Lone Working Procedures document.

2. Desks are for use by a large number of PGRs and should be left clear at the end of each work session. Under no circumstances should any student attempt to reserve a desk for their exclusive use. Laptop users are requested to use the desks without computers where possible.

3. Any study items that you leave in the cluster rooms when you are not there must be taken away or stored in the lockers provided. Unattended, inappropriately stored or unauthorised items may be removed without prior warning.

4. The cluster room on the second floor is a silent work areas. If you need to talk to someone else, formally or informally, please use the common rooms provided.

5. PGRs who use personal electronic equipment in the building, e.g. laptops and other devices which are plugged in to the electricity supply, must ensure that the correct leads and adapters are used and that they are in good condition.

6. Food and drink may be prepared and consumed in the Staff Common Room on the ground floor or in the PGR Common Room in the basement using the facilities provided. To avoid the transmission of infectious diseases via keypads please be mindful of personal hygiene whilst using the facilities.

7. Please be considerate of your fellow users and clean up after yourselves, in all postgraduate rooms, at the end of your session. In particular, used items of crockery must be washed up after use, and any debris must be disposed of. Any dirty cups or mugs left unattended will be removed and suitably disposed of.

8. You may place appropriate notices/posters etc. on noticeboards provided. Under no circumstances should any items be fixed directly onto walls, especially using ‘blue tack’.

9. For the benefit of all PGRs and staff using the facilities, mobile phones should be used on silent only within the cluster rooms. Phone conversations should be conducted outside of the cluster rooms.

10. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the building.

11. Users of the facilities are required to abide by the University’s Policy on Dignity and Mutual Respect. In accordance with this Policy, PGRs are encouraged, in the first instance, to resolve concerns about the behaviour of others by addressing the issue themselves. If an incident is serious enough to warrant a formal complaint it should be reported to your Postgraduate Research Tutor and/or the Director of the Graduate School.

12. Children and/or other guests are not allowed in the facility at any time due to health and safety regulations, and in the interests of maintaining a quiet study environment. In exceptional cases, e.g., PGR open days, the Graduate School Coordinator will inform all users of the facilities prior to the event.

13. The Faculty reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions that govern the use of the facility at any time.

14. There are no dedicated spaces for prayer in the building. The nearest prayer spaces are located in The Emmanuel Centre and the Edward Boyle Library. Further information about prayer locations is available on the University website:

15. All PGRs are entitled to use the printer facilities on the Ground Floor and the Third Floor in the Botany House facility, which are linked to the University’s MyPrint system. Paper will be provided by the Faculty.

16. Lockers are available in Botany House for PGRs registered to use the facility. If you need to leave belongings in the building please request the use of a locker. Lockers will be allocated on a first come basis. If all lockers in the facilities have been allocated, you will be placed on a waiting list.
Locker owners will be asked to confirm, by email, that they still require the use of their lockers every six months. Failure to respond will result in a request to vacate your locker.
If you do not vacate your locker when requested to do so, you may be liable to a £20 penalty (covering the locksmith’s costs) and the removal of your items.
If you no longer require your locker please return your key to the Graduate School Coordinator, without delay, so that it can be reallocated to another user.

For more information regarding any of these conditions, please contact the Graduate School Coordinator, Room G.01 Botany House, email:

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